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The Power Of Life Wellness Center is a wellness center that focuses on a person's whole health.

Welcome to Power Of Life Wellness Center

When you visit the Power Of Life Wellness Center, you will quickly learn that we are so much more than just a
chiropractic center. In fact, chiropractics in itself is a method of practice that aims to treat more than just the
spine, but to also treat the whole person. The goal of chiropractics is to bring the entire body into balance to
promote total health and wellness. At our Charlotte, NC office, we have recently expanded our practice to
include even more options for your health management, including:

• Depression Treatment 
• Personal Energy Coaching 
• Anxiety and Insomnia Treatment

The wellness center believes in providing depression therapy without the use of dangerous medications.
Instead, our depression care includes therapies such as neurofeedback designed to rebalance physical
energies in the brain that can cause chemical imbalances which lead to depressive feelings. Without medication,
you can be free of depression, worry, anxiety and other negative emotional feelings that seem to take control.
We will help you break free and learn how to stay positive!

Our personal energy coaching is a therapy designed to help you create the life you want by changing your flow
of energy. It helps you to understand the connection between conscious and subconscious thought and how
these thoughts manifest themselves in our life. We can teach you how to stop the processes that are blocking
you from gaining what you want out of life while changing them to help you receive the blessings you need and

We offer many more therapies and counseling at Power Of Life Wellness Center including nutrition counseling
and massage therapy. Utilized alone or in combination with our other services, each is designed to help you life
a whole, healthy and happy life. 

Let us bring you balance, return your positive outlook, revive your energy and help you live free of pain and
unnecessary illness. Come see us today to learn how we can help you change your life for the better!